Learning Something New. . .

Undertaking an inquiry project is an innovative way to approach learning to be a better educator.  To go back to being a student puts one in the mindset of a student–to no longer be an expert, to try and try and try before getting something (sort of) right…it is very good to be reminded of what that feels like.

This project also brought to the forefront the different ways students can access information outside a traditional classroom.  Let’s be honest. . .the learning landscape is not the same as it was when I was a student.  So much has changed, but as a teacher it is often easier to want things to remain the way they were rather than have to roll with those changes.  This project was a good reminder that learning is dynamic, that it can’t rely on the things that we have done in the past, and that times do (and should) change.

The other part of this inquiry project that I so valued was the chance to do something for myself.  I find teaching is a profession that requires so much of oneself–in terms of time, energy, and mental space–that it’s nice to be able to take some time to work on what I want.  I am not just my job, although that is certainly one thing that defines me.  I need other things in my life so that I can bring all the passion I have for education to my students.  They are better for it, and so am I.

I loved thinking about the process, and not just what I was learning.  This is a metacognitive activity that is valuable for both the learning and teaching moving forward.  As well, to receive feedback from peers regarding that process was incredibly  valuable.  Thanks classmates and Eva for a great 2 weeks of learning.


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